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Post Composing – The New SEO Master Tool – Part 1

Oct 28, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Post Composing – The New SEO Master Tool – Part 1


Since online search engine were developed, there has been a continuous head to head in between the online search engine algorithm authors and webmasters. Every time the algorithms changed the web designers tried to outwit them. The internet is full if conflicting SEO advice on how to achieve leading rankings. This short article wants to clean up some of the confusion.

In the beginning it sufficed to have a sufficient amount of keywords on your site in order to rank highly in the search engines. This led to keyword spamming, a practice which still continues today amongst inexperienced webmasters.

Then along came Google and the objective posts shifted. Google put more focus on web page linking, Their thought was easy – if one website had a link to another site, then it was as if the first website was positioning a vote of self-confidence for the second website’s material and therefore the second site must work and pertinent to the readers of the first website.

Hence the Google Page Rank was developed.

Quickly the webmasters and web marketers got to work. This saw the emergence of link types and mutual connecting websites. Web marketers stated that the more links that appeared on your site, the higher it would rank in Google. Suddenly link pages from sites began to encounter multiple pages as the race was on to exchange relate to whoever would agree. Some sites began to have countless links point to their websites and started increasing in the search engine rankings.

Of course the video game of cat and mouse with Google continued as the search engine giant when again changed its algorithms.

It is now extensively accepted that previous connecting methods are stopping working because of what Google now gets out of links.


Google anticipates links on a site to be pertinent to the readers of the initial website.


Google gives a much higher top priority to one-way links without a mutual link in return.


It is much better for the anchor text (the real text which contains the link) to be keyword appropriate to the content and likewise to vary as many circumstances of the very same anchor text without variation can be interpreted as keyword spamming.

The significance put on the above factors has all but removed the efficiency of previous connecting techniques. Many links on link page directory sites were exchanged with any website who would reciprocate. Therefore the majority of these websites were not pertinent to the original website.

The reciprocal connecting technique likewise negates the one-way linking preferred by Google. Many link directories contain the very same anchor text in all links, as this anchor text was advertised on the “link to us” page.

Therefore Google now looks upon these mutual link directories as having no worth. They do not distribute page rank and for that reason do not assist the ranking of your site.

That is why I now describe article composing as the brand-new SEO Master Tool – please see Part II of this short article for the reasoning.

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